Inter-Schools Team and Individual SJ Competition – Sunday 24th March

Arena 1: Start time 10:00am sharp

Class 1: Primary School Team Competition (2 riders jump 60cm and 2 riders jump 80cm)                                         €80

Class 2: Start Time Approx 2pm

Secondary School Team Competition (2 riders jump 80cm and 2 riders jump 1m)                                                                        €80

Arena 2: Start time 11am sharp (Individual competitions open to primary and secondary school students)

Class 1: 60cm (2 phase)                                              €15

Class 2: 80cm (2 phase)                                              €15

Class 3: 1m (2 phase)                                                          €15


  • Run under Nations Cup rules.
  • 4 riders per team. Teams of 3 will be accepted but will not have a discard score.
  • All riders will jump 2 rounds and the team on the least faults will be deemed the winners.
  • In the event of a tie where 2 or more teams finish on equal faults one rider from each team will jump against the clock at the higher level.
  • Each team must have a Chef D’Equipe which can be a parent or teacher.
  • If there are 2 or more teams from any 1 school the cost of the first team is €80 with subsequent teams costing €60.
  • All entries are pre entered and prepaid to Maryville Stables, Carrigaline Co. Cork.
  • Entries close Friday March 22nd.

Enquiries: 086 3004974


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